GTA Online update adds Comet S2 as new fastest Tuners car, but there's a catch - Dexerto

GTA Online update adds Comet S2 as new fastest Tuners car, but there’s a catch

Published: 29/Jul/2021 23:51

by Alan Bernal


The latest car released in the GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners event is the Pfister Comet S2, and it’s already proving to be the fastest of the new lot but with some big drawbacks.

GTA Online players are looking for the fastest cars in the game this summer, with the Tuners update making the game all about the city’s underground street races.

While there’s been a ton of new cars released in the latest patch, there’s still a few more vehicles Rockstar plans to feed into the title throughout the summer.

The newest car comes in the form of Comet S2, which is already leaving quite the impression on players – that is, until they try out the car themselves.


The Comet S2 is the new fastest car in the game with a top speed of 161 mph! (Credit to Broughy1322) from gtaonline

YouTuber ‘Broughy1322’ tested out the new ride and saw it can hit a top speed of 161 MPH with some tinkering. He explains that the setup to get to that speed probably won’t be worth it for actual races, but it’s an impressive metric all the same.

Of course, GTA Online players were excited to get behind the game’s version of a Porsche 992, but the car’s handling could have been better.

“I was disappointed with it tbh,” one Reddit user said. “The speed, the handling, even the sound the turbo makes. They could’ve done so much better with this car.”


“Gutted that’s it got terrible handling,” another person agreed. “I can absolutely destroy it round corners in my Jester RR which is a shame because it looks and sounds amazing.”

Still, people were at least happy that the Comet S2 beats most cars in top speed despite its handling issues.

If you can find a way to tame the Comet S2, then it could pay dividends in the LS Car Meet and more but it’s not going to be people’s first option especially if we get a better option soon.