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GTA Online UFO Business Battle leaked as alien invasion looms

Published: 25/Aug/2020 11:18

by Connor Bennett


A team of Grand Theft Auto V dataminers have been able to reveal a GTA Online Business Battle that takes place inside a Fort Zancudo hangar with a UFO. 

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has a long-standing history with UFOs and unusual easter eggs surrounding extra-terrestrials. They were all the rage in San Andreas and even more so in GTA V. 

For years, players have been trying to get to the bottom of some major easter eggs that center around aliens after UFOs have been spotted floating around Mount Chiliad during different times of the day.

Now, though, dataminers have been able to get up close and personal with a huge, new UFO in GTA Online thanks to a business battle that Rockstar Games decided to include in the files for the recent summer update.


GTA UFO easter egg
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UFOs have been all the rage in GTA.

The dataminers, who go under the name The Game File Gurus, shared their findings with the ChiliadMystery subreddit – noting that what they saw is a different UFO model thats been in-game before.

“After a few days of digging, script reading and painstaking trial & error with locals, we were finally able to force the correct combination to trigger the mission,” the group said.

Even though it doesn’t appear as if the mission is active in GTA Online yet, the group were able to play it out – needing to go into Zancudo to recover Spaceship Parts from a team that were guarding them.


Sadly, with nobody knowing if the mission is live in-game yet, it appears as if the only way to play it is by messing with the files until the game finally lets you play it.

It’s unknown if the business battle will actually be live at any point, but, if it is, players might just get one step closer to uncovering the truth behind one of GTA V’s biggest secrets.