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GTA Online trick lets you turn normal weapons into guided missile

Published: 17/Mar/2021 12:32

by James Busby


GTA Online players are always discovering new ways to beat missions and break the game in absurd ways, but this missile trick could prove explosive. 

From whacky bugs that enable the Chernobog truck to fly to racing glitches that give free wins, GTA Online has been home to its fair share of the weird and wonderful. Despite being released back in 2013, players are continually finding new tricks that can be used to give them an advantage in the game’s crime-filled streets. 

While some GTA tricks may be verging on the ridiculous, there are a few that can often prove incredibly useful, especially when you find yourself in a tricky situation. This intuitive GTA Online trick that’s been discovered on Reddit will make your normal launcher weapons more accurate and deadly. 


After all, why spend the big bucks on a guided missile launcher when you can replicate it yourself? 

GTA Homing Launcher
Rockstar Games
The Homing Launcher becomes even more deadly with this trick.

Making money in GTA Online can take a lot of time – in fact, you’ll need millions if you wish to get your hands on the game’s best cars and weapons. However, one Reddit user has found a nifty way to turn a heat-seeking missile launcher into a deadly homing missile. 

Instead of locking onto his target, Reddit user ImpulZ96 fires a flare towards his target. He then switches to his launcher, which then picks up the heat from the flare. The missile then locks onto the flare and destroys the wooden structure and his target in the process. 


When you’re too broke for the guided missiles so you create your own guided missiles from gtaonline

It’s a pretty nifty trick and one that could make your rockets incredibly accurate, provided you’re willing to get a little creative. This technique will only work with GTA Online’s heat-seeking rocket launchers, so that means you won’t be able to utilize the game’s humble RPG when using this trick. 

One commenter stated that you can even turn the game’s Chernobog truck into a deadly tank using this technique. “You can do this with any type of homing missiles and you can basically do an airstrike with the Chernobog. You need another player to fire the flare though.”


It’s certainly a smart way of dealing with your enemies and one that proves just how creative GTA Online’s players are. Whether this technique will be popularised in GTA Online’s RP servers remains to be seen.