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GTA Online TikTok money glitch goes viral after removing mission cooldowns

Published: 18/Jan/2022 23:17

by Alec Mullins


A GTA Online TikTok went viral after revealing how to remove cooldowns for the game’s new Agency missions so that players can collect cash faster than ever. 

Anyone who has completed The Contract is surely familiar with Agency missions. These new offerings are just another way for eager players to take on some simple challenges and collect a decent reward.

The most popular of these missions so far have been the Payphone Hit option which assigns an assassination target for you to hunt down and take out. While they don’t give out the biggest reward in the game, they’re quick-hitting and easily repeatable.


The biggest drawback from the Payphone Hits is the twenty-minute cooldown in between accepting jobs that severely limits the ability to consistently farm the missions. That is until someone found a workaround to this timer.

How to remove payphone hit mission cooldowns in GTA Online

GTA Online's Payphone hits are the key to racking up fast cash
Rockstar Games
Players were previously chaining Payphone hits with other jobs to bring in money but that’s not necessary with this exploit.

The trick is very simple to pull off and only takes a few minutes to do. You first need to complete one of the payphone hits and wait for the cooldown timer to start.

Once you’ve done that, simply switch any one of the accessories that your character is wearing for another one and let the game refresh. This is indicated by the orange circle at the bottom of your screen. After that, quit out of the game and load back in to complete the reset without having to wait out the timer.


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If the extra objective is completed, these missions pay a total of $170,000 and can be completed in under five minutes.

There are concerns about how fast console players can load back into the game, but the original poster of the video, surlygaming, also had some advice for those gamers: “When loading back in, load into story mode first. [It] cuts loading times in half.”

This method might impractical to rely on as a main source of income but it should be helpful for anyone who just needs a quick cash grab to afford some upgrades or a new car.