GTA Online Stash House collectibles: How it works

GTA Online character looking at open safe filled with moneyRockstar Games

GTA Online is getting a new daily collectible in the form of stash houses so you can grab some business goods and cash. Here’s everything we know about it. 

With the calendar turning over to 2023, there are plenty of GTA fans hoping that this will finally be the year that Rockstar Games starts to reveal a few details about GTA 6

Even if they don’t, and that wait goes on, the iconic game devs have still got plenty up their sleeve with regards to GTA Online. The brand-new Taxi Driver job is set to go live before long, and they’ve even got another collectible in the form of Stash Houses. 

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These new collectibles will earn you a fair bit of cash according to leaks, so, here’s everything we know about them to this point. 

GTA Online Stash House collectibles

The Stash Houses were leaked by dataminer WildBrick142 back in December, just as the Los Santos Drug Wars update went live, labeled as a daily collectible similar to the buried treasure.

According to the dataminer, these Stash Houses will be represented on the mini-map by a purple house blip, and you’ll have the chance to go inside at least once every day. 

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Once inside, you’ll be placed into a shootout with a handful of dealers. You simply have to take them out and then loot their safe to take home the reward for the day. As the datatminer’s video showed, they got $31,000 for their efforts, but this could always change. 

GTA Online Stash Houses: Is there a release date?

As of writing, the new daily collectible has now gone live in GTA Online following the weekly update on February 16.

It’s launched alongside Street Dealers, G’s Caches, and a new robbery event at convenience stores. So, keep your eye out for them.

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Should Rockstar make any changes to the Stash Houses, we’ll update this page with more details.

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