GTA Online players find perfect 2-man bike for future update

Brianna Reeves
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Take-Two Interactive

A GTA Online player recently shared a photo of the type of sidecar motorcycle they hope will eventually appear in-game.

Grand Theft Auto Online plays host to several types of vehicle classes, including commercial cars, emergency vehicles, planes, boats, and motorbikes.

Motorcycles have long proven a fan-favorite mode of transportation, allowing players to quickly weave in and around obstacles and pull off gravity-defying stunts.

But while bike enthusiasts can explore Grand Theft Auto’s online suite while riding a variety of motorcycles, one type, in particular, remains elusive – the sidecar.

GTA Online fans want a sidecar motorcycle added to the game

gta online motorcycle bikers
Take-Two Interactive
Bikes with sidecars have yet to appear in GTA Online.

Recently, Reddit user MrSamuelSir took to GTA Online’s subreddit with a post questioning the continued absence of motorbikes with sidecars.

The Redditor noted that sidecars could allow passengers to use a “larger selection of weapons, such as an AR or Shotgun… or an RPG.” A mounted minigun would also serve as a nice addition, they added.

Of course, the user additionally linked to a picture of the sidecar motorcycle that would best benefit the fast-paced action of GTA Online – the Dnepr MT-11 seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Judging by the post’s positive response on Reddit, it seems that other GTA Online regulars would also like to see Rockstar Games introduce sidecars in a future update.

For now, though, Grand Theft Auto players have to make do with the existing options, a number of which are nothing to scoff at.

Motorcycles such as the BF400, Bati 801, and the Deathbike can reach speeds totaling 150mph, for instance. But nothing would beat blazing across Los Santos with a gun-toting passenger on the side.