GTA Online players want GTA 6 to bring big changes for stolen cars

gta online red and black jester car headerRockstar Games

Despite the series’ name, some players are calling on Rockstar Games to lift restrictions on stealing other players’ cars in GTA 6.

The hype surrounding GTA 6 is pretty high, despite Rockstar Games not having released any substantial information about the game just yet.

With GTA Online being nearly a decade old, fans have had plenty of time to think about what improvements they want to see in the sequel.

Now, players are adamant about wanting more options when it comes to stealing other players’ cars.

GTA Online players want stolen car changes

A post from user Art3hollywood on the GTA Online subreddit gained a lot of traction after they complained about a situation they experienced.

“Found this car today, stole it and loved it. But can’t modify it to make it mine, I thought this game was called Grand theft auto for a reason,” they said, showing an image of the stolen car in question.

For those who may not know, players in GTA Online are able to freely steal other players’ cars without issue. However, players can’t save stolen cars for their own garages.

The reason for this is likely to prevent players from easily accessing some of the most expensive cars in the game for little-to-no effort.

Other members of the GTA community echoed the original poster’s disappointment, like user geosmin7 who said “Grand Theft Auto: A game where we legally acquire all cars with illegally acquired money.”

While other players realized why the restriction was set in place, they tried to think of ways for Rockstar to include the future in GTA 6 Online.

“I think it would be a good compromise if they allowed this but on the condition that you couldn’t insure it or have it impounded otherwise you would lose it forever. This might make the game more interesting and fun, certainly for the newer players,” said user Hon3estR3view.

Though players can’t save stolen cars, there are already ways for players to find other players’ cars that they like and purchase them legitimately.

Still, perhaps Rockstar will take note of these complaints and introduce a new mechanic tied to stealing cars when GTA 6 rolls around.