GTA Online player’s hilarious attempt to deck out their ride ends in disaster

GTA Online Chrome Car With LogoRockstar Games

One of the most exciting things to do in GTA Online is unlock new cars and resprays to deck them out with. Unfortunately, one unlucky player’s attempt to rock chrome on their ride ended up a total disaster.

Racing is one of the most popular pursuits in GTA Online, with countless players spending hundreds of hours perfecting their craft as a speedy driver — and it doesn’t hurt that you get to show off your most expensive and good-looking cars in the process.

While most races generally provide some basic rewards like cash, JP and RP, there are also more exclusive unlocks tied to racing that require some truly astounding skill and effort to obtain.

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One of these high-level rewards is the chrome unlock, which can only be obtained by winning a whopping 50 races. For one unfortunate GTA Online player, the time they spent acquiring chrome ended up a total waste, as the rare paint job turned their ride into an unbearable eyesore.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners CarsRockstar Games
This player’s attempt to kick their car’s fashion up a notch did not end well.

In a clip shared to Reddit, the unfortunate GTA Online player shared the abomination that resulted from their attempt to slap a chrome coat of paint on what appeared to be their most prized motor vehicle.

“Get chrome they said, it’ll be fun they said,” the player remarked sarcastically while sharing a clip of their vehicle driving around with its fresh coat of paint, and simultaneously burning the retinas of anyone who dared look in its direction.

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Despite their best attempts to make the car look cool, its new chrome detailing turned it, quite literally, into a speeding ball of light — like looking at the sun, you shouldn’t focus on the car too much in that clip, unless you want to risk permanent damage to your eyeballs.

Fellow GTA players wasted no time in poking fun at the poster over this hilarious mistake. “I see nothing wrong here,” one fan joked, before doubling down on the jab: “Actually, I just can’t see anymore.”

The roasting didn’t stop there, however. “On the bright side, no one can grief you from behind without becoming blind,” another comment read.

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Others were a bit kinder, and one fan even replied with some helpful advice, sharing their own experience with the color and a helpful alternative: “Chrome can be too bright, that’s why I go with Brushed Aluminum.”

Despite the waste of time and money, this player learned a valuable lesson, which anyone else who might be thinking about decking out their own cars in shiny paint should take note of: chrome in GTA Online doesn’t always work out the way you might imagine.