GTA Online players disappointed after anticipated vehicle missing in latest update

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GTA Online players have been left disappointed after a new vehicle was hyped up and expected to release with the latest update, only for it to be missing.

For years now GTA Online has received frequent updates each week featuring new ways to earn and spend your money.

Whether it be double RP and cash for a specific mission, or a brand new vehicle to drive around the streets of Los Santos in, the small updates all add up to keep the game refreshing — and players continue coming back.

However, much of the community has been let down by a recent patch, in which they expected a brand new vehicle to arrive.

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GTA Online fans disappointed with recent update

On September 22, a Reddit post from GTA content creator Need For Madness Auto claimed that the brand-new Obey 10F car (based on the real-life Audi R8 V10) would release next week, along with its modified widebody version.

Expected to be part of The Criminal Enterprises’ drip-feed, where Rockstar continuously releases content in the following months after an update, fans were ecstatic to get their hands on the new vehicles.

However, the new patch on September 29 left fans gutted, as the new cars weren’t available in-game. “My disappointment is immeasurable,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Tell me when this stupid car comes out. I’m getting tired of waiting,” another added.

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Others hit out at Rockstar, slamming them for not pressing some buttons to release content: “What a dogsh*t company holy sh*t, can’t even press two buttons to release content that’s literally already in the game,” one player hit out.

Needless to say, the community isn’t pleased — especially when considering they’ve been waiting since July to get their hands on the car after it was initially teased.

Nonetheless, many are optimistic they’ll finally get their hands on it sometime soon.