GTA Online player shows why $3 million property is a big mistake

Rockstar Games

Picking up a multi-million dollar property is always a goal for GTA Online players, but the $3 million base hangar might not be worth every single penny.

Dropping a stack of cash on a new property is a big milestone in GTA: Online. You get a new place to store vehicles and a hideout in a new area of the map.

One of the more expensive properties is the military base hangar, located at Fort Zancudo. Once you pay the $3,250,000 to grab it, you’re able to store up to 20 personal aircraft.

This all sounds well and good, until you try to taxi to the runway and run headlong into the brilliant base security NPCs.

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Rockstar Games
Your very own military-grade hangar, what’s not to love?

This is exactly what happened to Reddit user u/Ronnymalony as they tried to take one of their jets out for a spin. As soon as they hit the tarmac, the base MPs bum rushed them out of nowhere.

The lead car of the patrol hits the jet first, causing a two-star wanted level to appear, followed quickly by the second jeep. The cherry on top has to be the third car though, which smashes into the other two causing the whole pileup to explode in a fireball.

Hopefully Ronny had insurance on the plane, so it wasn’t a total loss, but this clip does show one of the major downsides to using the Fort Zancudo hangar. Those patrols are always circling around, and there’s no way to tell when they’ll be coming while you’re in the hangar.

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What got them seems to be them repositioning their jet, if they had just gone for it and gotten out of the way, the pileup might not have happened at all.

This isn’t to say that the $3 million+ price tag isn’t worth it if you need more room to store aircraft, but we’d highly recommend looking both ways as soon as you get out of the hangar, to avoid the wrath of these aggressive and suicidal NPCs.