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GTA Online player plays perfect prank on Oppressor MK2 griefer

Published: 7/Apr/2021 12:55

by Alex Garton


A GTA Online player has found the perfect way to prank Oppressor MK2 griefers in-game. Although his plan was a success, the griefer did manage to return the favor before he died.

In GTA Online, an easy way to show off your wealth is by purchasing all of the game’s most expensive vehicles. Although there’s a long list of cars, planes, and boats to choose from, there’s one flying vehicle that everybody wants to own: the Oppressor MK2.

With the default price of the Oppressor being over $3.8 million, not everyone who plays the title has enough money to purchase one of their own. So, it’s a lot easier to steal someone else’s while they’re AFK or busy.


That’s exactly what one griefer attempted to do to ThatOneWeirdo66. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware that the whole scenario was a planned-out trap.

Oppressor MK2 GTA
Rockstar Games
The default Oppressor MK2 costs $3.8 million.

GTA Online player lays the perfect trap for griefer

A thread posted to the GTA Online subreddit showing a player pranking an Oppressor MK2 griefer has garnered over 11,000 upvotes. Looking to set up a trap, ThatOneWeirdo66 parked up his Oppressor in a car park and covered it in petrol.

He then decided to pretend to be AFK next to his expensive vehicle in the hopes that a griefer would appear and try to steal it. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for another player to appear and look to escape with his car.


However, as the Oppressor was covered in petrol, it quickly caught on fire causing the griefer to panic. Not knowing what to do, the burning player turned the vehicle around and crashed directly into ThatOneWeirdo66, making for an absolutely hilarious clip.

I put petrol on my oppressor, acted afk and waited for a noob to steal it and now it’s my favourite clip from r/gtaonline

It’s fair to say ThatOneWeirdo66’s trap was successful in luring in a griefer. However, the criminal certainly went out in style and refused to die without getting his own back.

Who knows, this experience might make the griefer think twice before attempting to steal another Oppressor MK2.