GTA Online player gets scammed by Los Santos Customs and it's hilarious - Dexerto

GTA Online player gets scammed by Los Santos Customs and it’s hilarious

Published: 16/Feb/2021 13:19

by Connor Bennett


One GTA 5 player took things into their own hands after hilariously being ‘scammed’ by the mechanics at Los Santos Customs. 

There are plenty of things to do in the vast world of GTA Online, including robbing banks, gambling at the casino, running businesses, and even dominating deathmatches.

Though, for some players, it’s all about the cars. They want to race the fastest cars, buy the expensive cars, and then decorate them in lavish ways. 

Seeing as there are trolls lurking around every corner in Los Santos, it makes sense to give these cars a bit of protection in the form of armor plating and even explosive starts in case someone tries to steal them away. And that requires a trip to Los Santos customs. 


Los Santos customs in the north of the GTA 5 map
Rockstar Games
Los Santos customs are dotted around the GTA 5 map and are a hive of activity.

There are plenty of customization options to get at Los Santos Customs, and you’ll always hear a chipper voice from one of the mechanics egging you on to buy something.

In the case of Reddit user BIGBRIGUI, that was a 100% armor plating which the mechanic said “might stop a missile.” So, after biting the bullet and buying the armor for $30,000, the Redditor spun their car outside, whipped out a launcher, and blew the car up in one all-around hilarious moment. 

The armor didn’t stop the missile at all, so, the Redditor did what they saw fit. Instead of lodging a complaint or taking it up with Mors Mutual to get their car back, they just gunned down the mechanic instead. 


the Best Mechanic on LS tried to scum me. from gtaonline


Now, the mechanic did only drop a warning that it “might” stop a rocket, but at the end of the day, it is their job to get you to buy more upgrades than you might need for your car. 

Either way though, it made for a hilarious moment for GTA fans and it might be something other players copy if Los Santos Customs continue their ‘scamming’ ways.