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GTA Online player discovers strange Fleeca Job heist easter egg

Published: 23/Mar/2021 16:54

by Alex Garton


A GTA Online player has discovered a strange easter egg involving the hacker in the Fleeca Job heist, and it’s caught the attention of the community. 

Despite GTA 5 releasing all the way back in 2013, the game still maintains a large and dedicated community of players. This is due to Rockstar’s consistent weekly updates to the title and major additions, such as the Cayo Perico Heist.

Although new additions are always appreciated by the community, players are still finding easter eggs and secrets from content released years ago.

A recent discovery made by a GTA Online player has grabbed the attention of the community, as it appears to be an easter egg from a heist released over six years ago.


Fleeca Job heist
Rockstar Games
The Fleeca Job was released during the ‘Heists’ update back in 2015.

GTA Online discovers Fleeca Job hacker easter egg

A thread posted to the GTAOnline subreddit revealing a strange easter in the Fleeca Job heist has garnered over 1,000 upvotes.

During the heist, there’s a part of the mission where players have to wait for a hack to be completed. While waiting patiently, dfygxc-ggxfyd pulled out his phone for something to do while the hacker completed his role in the job.

However, while browsing his phone, they noticed that the hacker’s mobile device was copying the exact actions of his own. No matter what app he tapped, the hacker’s phone would copy the pattern exactly.

While this easter egg – or bug – is nothing revolutionary, it’s incredible to think that so many players have played this heist and not noticed this detail.


I found out that on the fleeca job whatever you are looking at on your phone changes for the hacker from r/gtaonline

One player in the comments summed up this strange feature perfectly: “This is the definition of useless but a cool fact… I would probably have never noticed that.”

While this may have no specific purpose, it’s definitely worth giving it a try the next time you’re completing the Fleeca Job heist.