GTA Online player discovers perfect Oppressor MK2 counter

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V players flying high in the sky on the destructive Oppressor MK2 bikes might think they’re safe, but one GTA Online player has found a perfect counter for them. 

Using God mode and other glitches, as we’ve seen in the past, to destroy the powerful vehicle is all well and good, but not everybody can actually pull that off. Other tactics include upgraded ammo types, too.

However, a tactic that requires players to buy two very simple things in-game might be the best we’ve seen yet, and could be reasonable purchases for those cashing in on Rockstar’s limited time $1 million challenge.

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Rockstar Games
Sticky Bombs are one of the things that are most effective against MK2 Oppressors.

If you have got some cash to spare, Reddit user blazingfastpulse has shown members of the community exactly what to purchase.

The Oppressor MK2 has the incredibly devastating ability of setting off homing launcher missiles, which can easily wipe out a majority of vehicles – and drivers that find themselves on the receiving end of an attack. That said, as the clip shows below, all you really need is a few sticky grenades and a fully upgraded Nightshark to fend them off.

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Prices for Nightshark and Sticky Bombs in GTA Online

Now that you know what works, you may be wondering about how much this solution actually costs. After all, nobody wants to be taken out from the skies every time they spawn in public lobbies.

The HVY Nightshark itself is an expensive acquisition. Bought from Warstock Cache & Carry, it sells for $1,245,000 and needs to be fully upgraded with armor improvements to fend off missiles.

When fully upgraded, it can withstand an impressive 27 strikes, which should give you enough time to get up close and personal with the enemy.

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Rockstar Games
Nightsharks might look like a seriously expensive purchase at first, but it’s well worth trying.

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Once you have added that level of protection, the cost of Sticky Bombs isn’t very expensive at all. In fact, they are available for $400 each, which is a mere drop in the ocean for those who have been claiming the $1,000,000 rewards of late.

So, there you have it. If you have got the money to spend and would like to stop getting blasted by these annoying bikes in-game, you know what to do.

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