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GTA Online player channels Free Guy in hilarious NPC encounter

Published: 17/Aug/2021 16:24 Updated: 17/Aug/2021 16:28

by Sam Comrie


GTA Online players aren’t always hellbent on griefing others, but in this instance, a confused NPC was blessed by a Free Guy-style hero. 

Grand Theft Auto’s runaway success with GTA Online is tremendous. Giving players a sun-soaked sandbox to cause mayhem within, players are still coming back in droves for more. As more ridiculous weapons, vehicles and outfits have populated the game world, fans are finding new ways to grief other players with often hilarious results. This can be frustrating for others looking to simply explore the depths of Los Santos. 

There are some players out there, however, willing to make a change. It isn’t always players that need help either. What if an NPC was having a bad day too? 


Luckily for one ill-fated NPC, a hero emerged from the shadows. 

Rockstar Games
GTA Online brought players together with a social-focused car update.

An unlikely hero arrives

Free Guy is the latest comedy vehicle starring Ryan Reynolds. Portraying Guy, a Bank Teller NPC within the video game Free City, he soon learns his life isn’t as simple as he thought. Becoming self aware of his existence, Guy sets out to make Free City a better place. Realistically, NPC’s are pre-programmed characters, designed to add tangibility to the open-world in this instance.

Taking notes from Free Guy: What if they were more than that? What if, just maybe, some of these NPC’s had a life beyond what we see during our gaming sessions. 


Reddit user “stopstealmyusernames” got a glimpse into the NPC world first-hand.

Have to tell you about this time i had to help this npc getting out of the carwash back in 2017 from gtaonline

Every car needs a bit of love to restore it back to its former glory. Unfortunately, this NPC had a bit of trouble getting their prized vehicle looking pristine. Smashing their Mini Cooper style car back and forth in shameful Austin Powers fashion, their day was getting off to a disastrous start. All of that suddenly changed, as good Samaritan “stopstealmyusernames” arrived to offer support. 

Guiding them with flourishes of expert guidance, the issue was soon resolved swiftly. As the NPC makes their way back onto the road, the rest of the tale will always linger in our imaginations. Did they ever repair their car? Or could they claim on Mors Mutual Insurance? 


Whether they are, we hope they’re not just having a good day…but a great day.