GTA Online player caught doing something very strange with Casino dealer

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After winning a game of Blackjack, one GTA Online player looked up to see another doing something very strange with the Casino dealer.

The Diamond Casino & Resort in Grand Theft Auto Online, which developer Rockstar Games introduced in a 2019 content update, remains a popular in-game locale.

It’s where players go to test their luck on slot machines and at card tables, all in hopes of walking away with lucrative rewards.

On some occasions, though, users get more than what they initially bargained for. Apparently, the same applies to card dealers. This much seems evident in a post that’s gaining popularity on the GTA Online subreddit.

GTA Online user caught behaving unseemly with Casino dealer

Reddit user Radin-GeekGaming recently shared a gameplay clip from GTA Online that raised a few eyebrows.

The brief video begins with the player claiming victory in a game of Blackjack. All seems good until the player looks up and sees another user awkwardly air thrusting behind the card dealer.

This person has no shame, either. As the gambler watches the bizarre scene, the air thruster turns their head and stares deeply into the eyes of the other player.

Radin-GeekGaming fittingly titled the following Reddit post, “Why in public?”

Evidently, some people don’t care what they get caught doing in public. But the real victim here is GTA Online’s unassuming Casino dealer. As if their job wasn’t thankless enough.

The multiplayer game has received a few other noteworthy updates since the launch of the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Notably, the most recent of such updates – The Criminal Enterprises – landed on July 26, allowing players to significantly expand in-game business ventures.

What Rockstar has in store next for GTA Online remains a mystery, especially since more development resources are being devoted to Grand Theft Auto’s next mainline entry.