GTA Online Oppressor stunt ruined as cop strikes with RKO out of nowhere

by David Purcell


Pulling off insane stunts is something many GTA Online players live for, whizzing off high in the sky, but some police officers just don't let that type of stuff fly. 

There are a number of different spots where members of the Grand Theft Auto community can perform stunts and tricks around the game's huge map, with many capturing perfect landings and sharing them online.

However, in what might be the most incredible ending to a stunt we've ever seen, one police officer took it upon himself to teach these no-good, wannabe tricksters a lesson – hitting them with a move WWE fans know and love.

Oppressor MK1 in GTA
Rockstar Games
The Oppressor MK1 costs a whopping $3,524,500 in GTA Online – the perfect stunt bike.


Anybody who is a fan of professional wrestling, or sports entertainment as it's known these days, will be aware of the dynasty Randy Orton has made for himself inside the squared circle.

His character might have changed over the years, from legend killer to the Apex Predator, but one thing has always stayed the same – his finisher, the punishing RKO, and it looks like the Los Santos Police Department have decided to add it to their training.

As seen in a clip posted to the GTA Online subreddit by chickenlead, they were trying to perform a huge stunt using the Oppressor MK1. As the footage rolls on, it's clear that making it to the ground safely would be a tough ask after slamming against a lamppost and flying off their bike towards the floor. Moments later, the cop shuffles into position and lands the greatest RKO we've ever seen.


What might be even better than the finisher itself is the fact that the officer stayed alive to tell the story, despite taking the impact of a man dropping through the air at speed.

Redditors have actually been trying to identify the finisher. Now, we would say RKO just because of the element of surprise (even if it doesn't fully look like the finisher), but some have also claimed it to be a Stone Cold Stunner, or more simply a top rope dive gone wrong.

For those tho have never seen an RKO before, it can be seen below in a video from WWE's YouTube channel.


Whatever the case may be, though, the move is certainly quite something. 

"How's that for a WrestleMania moment," TheSDHotel responded in the thread – and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.