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GTA Online modders turn enemies into Fortnite battle bus & its hilarious

Published: 20/Sep/2020 13:23

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players have been running into modders who have been turning enemies into the battle bus from Fortnite and if that sounds hilarious, that’s because it is. 

When it comes to playing GTA Online, you’ll find plenty of players who are just happy building up a criminal empire, racing across the Los Santos, or coming up with stupid plans with a group of friends.

On the other hand, on PC at least, you will find modders and cheats. Plenty of these players will ruin lobbies by using God Mode glitches or raining down money from above – only for no one else to be able to pick it up.


Though, there are also modders who decide to have a little fun with things – usually be turning enemy players into a stupid shape like a ball or, in this case, a vehicle. 

GTA Online character inside a ball
Reddit: N_Lotus
GTA Online modders can turn players into anything – including balls.

It all comes from MattPageMagic’s post on the GTAOnline subreddit, who noted that while playing a recent game, one such modder turned their friend into the Battle Bus from Fortnite.

That’s right, the Fortnite battle bus. As the Redditor, who swapped their usual outfit to look like a truck, watched on as their friend appeared above Los Santos like they were dropping players off in Fortnite. 


Sadly, this ‘battle bus’ didn’t have its usual balloon above as that was replaced, instead, by a parachute. Though, as MattPageMagic watched on, it does look like the bus has been taken right out of Fortnite. 

Some modders turned my friend into a battle bus…. from gtaonline

Now, if it happens to you, not everyone might find it funny as being turned into a vehicle can sort of disrupt what you’re trying to do in GTA. 

If it happens to you or a friend and you want to get rid of your new look, simply find a new game and you’ll be returned to normal.