GTA Online modders bring Los Santos to the Mirror Dimension from Dr. Strange

dr strange gta online los santas header imageMarvel / Rockstar Games

A viral video clip showcased how GTA Online modders made Los Santos look straight out of the Mirror Dimension from Marvel’s Dr. Strange films.

The modding community surrounding GTA Online has been known to create some incredible feats not possible in the base game.

From lobby-wide Fortnite-style celebration events to messing with player models in hilarious ways, the modding scene in GTA Online is full of talented people.

Now, GTA Online players stumbled across a mod that flips Los Santos on its head, essentially bringing it to the Mirror Dimension in the MCU’s Dr. Strange movies.

GTA Online modders recreate Mirror Dimension

The now-viral video clip first popped up from Rockstar Games enthusiast ‘videotech_‘ on Twitter, who posted a 50-second clip of themselves flying around a helicopter in a mirrored Los Santos.

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At first, the ground map appears to be the normal version of Los Santos, but the camera pans up to reveal another city lined with skyscrapers and buildings in place of the sky.

Additionally, floating container ships and trees fill the sky, making for an eerie, otherworldly feel.

The video made its way to the Gaming subreddit, where the clip went viral, gaining over 66,000 upvotes and 1,300 comments in just 17 hours.

Many commenters were stunned by the mod, like ‘Ovashale‘ who pointed out the mod would be “the perfect setting for a GTA Race map.”

Others lamented the fact that they’d never joined lobbies with mods like this, as user ‘ProfessionalYard1123‘ said, “All I got was spawn killing jet and bike users with invincibility or underground explosive snipers.”

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Though other players were harsher on the video, claiming Rockstar Games no longer cares about the landscape of GTA Online with mods like these running rampant.

One Reddit user alluded to the fact that Rockstar Games neglects to punish modders for things like this, but will ban players who give themselves large amounts of money.

While the mod may be sprung onto unsuspecting GTA Online players joining a random lobby, it’s hard to deny it’s quite the spectacle.