GTA Online modder pulls off Fortnite-style event and it's insane - Dexerto

GTA Online modder pulls off Fortnite-style event and it’s insane

Published: 13/May/2020 14:12 Updated: 13/May/2020 15:23

by David Purcell


Grand Theft Auto fans know very little about GTA 6 so far, but one thing is for sure: this modder’s event should be something to take inspiration from. 

In-game events have been pivotal to the success of several major games in the last year or two, with Epic Games seeing millions of players flood into Fortnite with successive season-ending events and shows.

While weekly updates have often provided a steady stream of new content for GTA Online since the game hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4, nobody has quite seen anything that’s brought people together in a typical event style. Well, until now.


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Epic Games
Fortnite is the one game that’s really taken events to the next level – but this modder has proven it can also work in GTA.

Many members of the GTA Online community are ruthless, opening fire as soon as they see others nearby, and that can be quite frustrating for new players looking to make their way in the world of organized crime and Peyote Plants. After all, that’s how random the gaming experience is in public lobbies. Things are ever-changing.

That said, an idea captured by Reddit user Mike_Not_Michael might give Rockstar Games food for thought in terms of how to take online play to the next level.

The in-game event, as seen below, brought a huge audience of players together to celebrate a huge fireworks show. In the clip, there’s nothing in the way of violence that you would expect with such a crowd, but rather everybody tuned into what was going on – and everybody involved loved it!


A modder took the whole lobby on a trip and created this wholesome moment. I have never seen this many people spend this much time together without griefing on one another. from gtaonline

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With night upon them, the moon lighting up in the background, and a number of characters dressed in the GTA Alien suits, it just goes to show that this type of experience could resonate in Rockstar’s current or future titles.

Here there might be fireworks, but there’s nothing stopping them – on next-generation consoles at least – adding the functionality of having interactive live event missions like tsunamis, storms, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and the likes erupting in Los Santos.

Maybe, just maybe, posts like this will turn enough heads to make it happen.

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