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GTA Online map reveals rare landmarks you didn’t know existed

Published: 21/Mar/2020 11:29 Updated: 13/May/2020 14:39

by Daniel Cleary


Grand Theft Auto 5 has many hidden landmarks scattered around Los Santos and players have put together a map highlighting a number that you might have missed in-game.

It is clear that Rockstar developers paid attention to every little detail before the launch of GTA 5 as it has resulted in endless possibilities for GTA Online players.

Along with creating an impressive open-world map, the game developers also scattered different landmarks around GTA Online for fans to uncover.

Rockstar Games
GTA’s Los Santos map has a lot of hidden landmarks.

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Although the popular title has been out since 2014, GTA Reddit user u/CorbinPidX99 put together a map of every hidden landmark in Los Santos for those who have yet to find them all.


The map included a wide range of different landmarks including Government Facilities to some of the concealed caves deep in the mountains bordering Blaine County.

However, many of the most impressive landmarks featured could be found in the waters surrounding the iconic map.

thoughts? i posted this a while back but now ive improved it a lot so thought id post it again from gtaonline

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Deep beneath the sea, players could uncover many of the sunken treasures that lay on the ocean floor such as wrecked vehicles, toxic waste barrels, and even a mysterious underwater hatch.

Despite the fact that many of these landmarks have been found before, players can now easily travel to each of the locations when they want to experience the points of interest for themselves.


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Although there has been a lot of DLC content added by Rockstar over the years, one thing that has remained relatively untouched is the Los Santos map itself, so it is unknown if they have any further changes planned.

However, as the hype is beginning to ramp up for the potential Grand Theft Auto 6 release, following recent leaks around an announcement, it would seem unlikely that any new landmarks would find their way into the game.