GTA Online Lucky Wheel rewards leak reveals Formula 1 cars coming soon

. 2 years ago
Rockstar / LibertyCity: Yevhenii Kutiuhov

The long-awaited Formula 1 cars will eventually make their way to GTA Online and if players are patient enough they may be able to score one for free with a Lucky Wheel spin, according to leaks.

If you’ve been saving up your heist earnings for that special car to fly around Los Santos in, you might be able to keep some of that money in the bank, if you’re willing to be patient and let luck decide.

The soon-to-be-added Formula 1 cars haven’t been added to GTA Online yet, but they are coming. After they arrive in the store for players to buy, it appears they’ll be making their way to the Diamond Casino podium as well.

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
Formula 1 cars will reportedly be podium vehicle reward in the near future.

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Twitter user TezFunz2, who frequently shares information about Rockstar’s games on the platform, replied to a user asking if they had knowledge about the next podium vehicle, after the February 6 update put the Grotti Furia up for grabs on the Lucky Wheel.

According to them, both the Progen PR4 and the Ocelot R88 F1 cars are coming to the podium, along with the V-STR executive car, the S80RR racecar, and the Vagrant off road buggy.

They also report that the Roosevelt Valor classic car will be the very next podium car after the Furia.

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There’s no indication yet as to exactly when the Formula 1 cars will come to the Diamond Casino podium, or even when they’ll come to the game as a whole, but it has to be soon.

At the end of the year, Rockstar thanked its GTA Online community for a record-breaking final month, and also hinted at new rewards and content that were coming in 2020.

In that post, they said that next up was “an open wheel racing series…with tense, high speed, track-based racing where tight cornering, tactical tire choices and perfectly timed pit stops make every second count.”

Formula 1 cars are coming, and hopefully soon.

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The Formula 1 cars had been leaked prior to this announcement, but this note from Rockstar seemingly indicates that the highly anticipated racing vehicles will be making their way to GTA Online in the next big update.

Earlier leeks seem to suggest that the F1 cars will cost at least $3 million of in-game money to purchase from Legendary Motorsports, but some lucky players might be able to grab one on the Lucky Wheel as well very soon.

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