GTA Online: How to claim free Kuruma & make money from sales

. 2 weeks ago
An image of GTA Online Kuruma
Rockstar Games

GTA Online is giving players the chance to claim an Armored Kuruma, without the hefty price tag. Here’s how to get yours. 

GTA Online often leaves players spoilt for choice when it comes to vehicles. One of the best vehicles for players of all skill levels is the Armored Kuruma, which provides players immense protection during battle.

Rockstar Games have made it easier than ever to claim one for yourself, so here’s how you can do it and make some profit too.

An image of a kuruma in gta online
Rockstar Games
The Kuruma looks stylish while offering protection from explosions and gunfire.

How to get a free Kuruma in GTA Online

To get behind the wheel of an Armored Kuruma you’ll need to act quickly, as the offer from Rockstar Games ends on June 22, 2022. Make sure you follow the steps below to get one.

Once you’ve confirmed your free purchase of the excellent vehicle, you’ll be able to find it in your garage of choice, complete with bulletproof tires and armor.

  1. Boot up GTA Online
  2. Once in the game, open up a laptop or your mobile phone
  3. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website
  4. Claim the Kurin Kuruma

How to make money with free Kuruma’s in GTA Online

Many GTA Online players have discovered that it is possible to net a tidy profit with the Kuruma. Thanks to the GTA Online subreddit, we’re able to share some valuable tips that will increase your in-game currency:

  • Selling off vehicles in quick succession will trigger a sale limit, even if you’re selling it for $0
  • Only sell one car per hour and no more than seven cars in a 30-hour time period
  • Breaking these ‘rules’ will increase your sale limit

The limit for selling vehicles like the Kuruma resets slowly over time, making it harder to get rid of them over days, weeks, and even months. An alternative method that requires a bit more work can be achieved too:

  • Steal a car and drive it into your garage where your Kuruma is stored
  • Overwrite a Kuruma with the stolen car
  • Destroy the stolen car

This should remove any sale limits, making it easier to generate money in the game. Just make sure you don’t overwrite any vehicles you’d prefer to keep.

Now you’re all set to claim your free Kuruma and wreak havoc across Los Santos. Keep updated with our GTA Online guides are more content releases.

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