GTA Online van driver discovers perfect counter for helicopter griefers

gta online helicopter griefersTake-Two Interactive

One GTA Online player managed to take out overly confident helicopter griefers with a well-timed van attack.

Griefers plague the vast majority of online games, often swooping in to instigate trouble and spoil the fun for fellow players.

Given the popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online, it should come as no surprise that it, too, serves as somewhat of a breeding ground for online troublemakers.

These types of trolls stop at nothing to wreak havoc on foot, during missions, and even while soaring hundreds of feet in the air. Sometimes, those on the receiving end have no choice but to retaliate.

GTA Online user wipes out helicopter griefers with ease

KeySorbet2409 recently created a Reddit post showcasing their unique tactic for countering a specific type of griefer in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The video shows the player driving on a highway in a van when, out of nowhere, a savage helicopter comes swooping down.

Two players pilot the aircraft, though it appears that only one fires off any shots at the van driver. It hardly matters in the long run, however.

The helicopter gets too low to the ground, allowing the person in the fan to slam into the nose. As demonstrated in the following GTA Online video, the resulting explosion instantly takes out both helicopter griefers.

Of course, it’s possible KeySorbet2409 simply got lucky here. Not everyone can just drive away from a head-on collision with a military gunship.

But hopefully the above will serve as somewhat of a lesson to griefers in Grand Theft Auto Online, particularly those of the high-flying variety. Don’t mess with random vans on the street.

Despite nearing its 10-year anniversary, it’s plain to see that GTA’s online suite remains as popular as ever.

This is thanks in no small part to Rockstar Games’ ongoing support of the title, which recently received an update in the form of The Criminal Enterprises.