GTA Online player recreates The Hangover after going to somebody’s apartment

Brianna Reeves
gta online the hangover part 2Take-Two Interactive, WB Pictures

After visiting a stranger’s apartment in GTA Online, one player found themselves in a situation akin to The Hangover movie.

For years, Grand Theft Auto Online has allowed players to join up with friends and enjoy the pleasures and chaos of Los Santos.

Users have the option to explore the open-world setting with strangers, too, of course. However, teaming up with randoms is not always the best course of action.

It seems that even befriending strangers in the digital world can lead to a comedy of errors and The Hangover levels of mayhem.

GTA Online players channel The Hanger with bizarre meetup

2009’s The Hangover follows a group of friends who awake one morning after a bachelor party in Las Vegas to find the groom-to-be is missing.

Reddit user katelynrfitzx encountered somewhat of a similarly surprising situation in GTA Online. The Redditor said they got into a stranger’s vehicle, then later arrived at an apartment complex.

Nothing too wild. However, once entering the apartment, the player found themselves face-to-face with a scantily clad exotic dancer. Said NPC is pictured in the NSFW screenshot below:

The post has, thus far, garnered well over 4,000 upvotes in the official GTA Online subreddit. And other users were quick to point out the name of the photographed sex worker – Sapphire.

For anyone else who may have an interest in The Hangover-esque fun in GTA Online, Loaded_up-Now detailed the best way to kick off an apartment party.

Apparently, going to your in-game apartment, calling for a dancer, then inviting the whole lobby is a “nice change of pace from the hustle & bustle of Los Santos.”