GTA Online player reveals hilarious Halloween cosplay in-game

gta online halloween cosplayTake-Two Interactive

One GTA Online player is celebrating Halloween with hilarious in-game cosplay inspired by the beloved Mr. Bean character.

Rockstar Games kicked off its own Halloween celebration with the release of GTA Online’s Judgement Day mode. The month-long event began this week and will end in early November.

As an Adversary mode, Judgement Day pits powerful teams of Riders against vulnerable Hunted groups in a hide-and-seek-style scenario.

Though such a challenge will surely keep players busy for a time, some GTA Online users have also taken to making their own kind of fun.

GTA Online Halloween cosplay introduces Mr. Bean to Los Santos

GTA Online player FudgeControl has gained a lot of attention in the game’s subreddit because of their recent Halloween-themed post.

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The user dressed their player character in Mr. Bean-inspired cosplay, complete with the character’s signature tweed jacket and red tie.

Better still, the player managed to customize their car to look like Mr. Bean’s iconic MINI, though the coloring is a bit off. Check it out in the post linked below:

The Reddit post hasn’t been up for a full day at the time of writing, yet it’s already gone viral. Thus far, the GTA Online player’s Halloween cosplay has accrued more than 10,000 upvotes.

Evidently, Grand Theft Auto fans are impressed by the effort. “If any griefers go after Mr. Bean, the whole lobby should destroy them,” one person joked.

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Several others simply seem happy to see in-game cosplay that’s not inspired by the likes of Joker, John Wick, or Hitman’s Agent 47.

The imaginations of GTA Online users never cease to amaze. In recent years, players have also dressed their characters in Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi cosplay, for example.

With Halloween nearly upon us, even more creative in-game builds are bound to make the rounds online.