GTA Online glitch is trapping players inside the Diamond Casino

gta online casino bugRockstar Games

A GTA Online glitch can trap players inside the Diamond Casino at random, making it one of the stranger bugs that people have come across – and there’s a simple way to wiggle out of there with some persistence.

GTA Online is beloved for its open sandbox that lets players create chaos in every part of Los Santos. After 2019’s The Diamond Casino & Resort update, Rockstar gave players an entire casino and resort to mix up the gameplay.

It’s been a couple of years since then and the resort still has plenty for GTA Online players to do, but sometimes it can work against you.

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Reddit user ‘shaideen76’ was the latest victim of a bizarre Diamond Casino glitch that loads the lobby’s NPC’s a tad too late – and are near-immovable when they appear.

“I thought all the NPC were on strike but nope they just wanted to trick me then trap me between these 3 NPCs,” they quipped.

The GTA player was greeted with an empty Diamond Casino lobby with only some NPCs stationed at the bar and the like. The show floor was completely void of anyone, so it looked safe to go in.

But in an instant, like if the GTA server turned on the lights, dozens of NPCs immediately spawned around the player. Unfortunately, a cluster of three NPCs literally surrounded shaideen76, trapping them inside the huddle.

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How to get out of Diamond Casino bug

gta online casino bugRockstar Games
There’s plenty to do in GTA Online’s Diamond Casino, but don’t get trapped there forever.

This is something players suspect happens when the GTA Online lobby is full, so it’s catching up to render some assets around the map.

To get out of the Diamond Casino NPC bug, some people found success by switching to 1st person mode. If that doesn’t work, then some players even enlisted the help of a friend to try and dislodge some of the NPCs from the back.

This GTA Online bug is random and annoying, but at least players have some options at their disposal in case they get trapped in the Diamond Casino.