Wild GTA Online glitch is letting dead NPCs kill players

Brianna Reeves
gta online npc glitchTake-Two Interactive

A GTA Online player has discovered a strange new glitch that shows the gun of a dead NPC shooting and killing them out of the blue.

Grand Theft Auto Online is chock-full of strange bugs, which range from inconsequential hiccups to immersion-breaking glitches.

It’s par for the course with online games, especially when considering how often the likes of GTA Online receive updates.

Every so often, though, a glitch rears its head that defies even the wildest of explanations. One such bug recently plagued a GTA Online player at an inopportune time.

GTA Online NPC glitch kills player with dead man’s gun

In a gameplay video shared by Redditor ToitNups69, an enemy GTA Online NPC lies dead while their gun independently finishes the job in their stead.

The clip begins with the player trying to exit a base whose garage is littered with dead bodies. Just as the character approaches the mission marker, they trip over one of the NPC corpses.

At that exact moment, a gun on the floor discharges and kills the player character in an instant. Worse still, the game dubs the shocking death a suicide.

It’s unclear what happened or why, but others in the Reddit thread claim they’ve seen a similar NPC glitch while playing GTA Online.

A user named Soul1e said they once witnessed the same kind of bug rear its head on a yacht. Aeokikit chimed in, too, noting that something similar happened in their own game with an enemy NPC’s shotgun, though the blast didn’t take them out.

It would seem the issue isn’t exactly new, then. As such, GTA Online faithful would do well to keep an eye on their surroundings after wiping out non-playable characters.

Strangely, Red Dead Online users have similarly encountered NPC-related weirdness of late. Earlier this month, players noticed that NPCs had vanished from the game.