GTA Online fans worried next-gen update will add controversial Red Dead feature

Connor Bennett
Grand Theft Auto characters counting money
Rockstar Games

GTA Online players have voiced their worries about Rockstar Games potentially introducing something similar to Red Dead Online’s Gold Bar currency when the expanded and enhanced update drops. 

Ever since Rockstar Games first announced that GTA 5 and GTA Online would be making their way over to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation with a next-gen update, GTA fans have been throwing out ideas for changes.

Many would still like, as unlikely as it may be, to get some sort of story mode DLC, while many GTA Online fans are just hoping for quicker load times when it comes to joining a new session.

However, fans have also highlighted that they might be additions that they don’t like, including something similar to Red Dead Online’s Gold Bar currency.

Rockstar Games
An “expanded and enhanced” version of GTA V is coming to next-gen.

In Red Dead Online, the Gold Bars can be purchased in bulk using real-world money, and can also be earned through jobs and missions. However, there have been plenty of complaints about the payout of gold versus the price of items.

The potential of having something similar to it in the GTA Online next-gen update was flagged by Redditor GooComedian, who called it the “scariest potential addition” that Rockstar could implement.

Other fans quickly agreed, poking fun at how Rockstar could bring it up-to-date with cryptocurrency or even NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens.) “I’d say the double currency system was a stupid idea and they probably know. But yeah, this would suck,” added one fan. “Imagine. GTA NFT’s. *Shudders*,” commented another.

Some players noted that the multiple currencies are what has made them stop playing RDR Online, calling the system “broken” and “confusing.”

The addition of more currencies would drive revenue for Rockstar and Take-Two, but it has certainly been controversial. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it might be something for way further down the road, say, in GTA 6.