GTA Online fans uncover secret features players have missed for years

Group of GTA Online characters with guns running inside buildingRockstar Games

GTA Online players have highlighted some tips that fans may not have known about after 10 years, and there are pretty helpful secrets to be found.

When Rockstar Games released GTA V and GTA Online back in 2013, not even they could have expected the game to span over three different console generations and become the most successful game of all time.

Even with so many players being excited for GTA 6, especially after the wave of viral leaks, there are plenty still diving into Los Santos through GTA Online – building their business and criminal empires.

While the multiplayer side of things has been around for almost a decade, players are still uncovering secrets to this day. And, there are plenty of helpful tips that you may have missed along the way.

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Secret GTA Online tips that players may have missed

One inquisitive Redditor put the call out for features and tips that players might not know about, even though the game has been around since 2013.

Some of them are pretty silly – like if you don’t pay your bills, you won’t be able to request a car, or the fact that you can send in-game emails to other players – but there are a few helpful ones out there.

As Hyd_xx pointed out, if you have a wanted level and then throw on a mask while outside the view of police, said wanted level will drop down a level. Similarly, if you find a bush big enough to hide your character model while getting chased by the police, that wanted level also will also vanish. You don’t always have to call Lester.

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  • Put a mask on to remove part of a wanted level
  • Hide in a bush to remove a wanted level
  • Shooting a car window avoids bounties being put on your head
  • 2 weeks of full popularity on a nightclub gets you a trophy for your desk
  • Equipping an earpiece on your character lets your shoot during phone calls
  • You can get a full stash of body armor from Franklin for $5000
  • Flare gun can also be used to mimic flares if you’re locked on by a missile

You might already know about a few of these tips if you’re a hardcore grinder, but if you’re not, they’re definitely useful to keep in your back pocket.

With GTA 6 and a follow-up to GTA Online seemingly still a few years away, you’ll probably get plenty of use out of these helpful tips.