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GTA Online fans rally behind big change to LS Car Meet after update

Published: 26/Jul/2021 14:23

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online’s Los Santos Tuners update has only been live for a matter of days but already some GTA 5 fans want changes, especially to the way rep works.

After weeks of waiting, GTA Online’s 2021 summer update finally hit the live servers on July 20, bringing the Los Santos Tuners add-on to Los Santos.

The new content has already proven popular with players, especially those who love their cars as there are new rides to purchase and fresh races to run.

There is also the addition of Car Meet rep where, for doing certain activities and objectives, you can rank up your LS Car Meet level and unlock better items, car discounts, and more.


Screenshot of LS Car Meet in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The LS Car Meet is the hub of this Los Santos Tuners update.

The rep works similarly to how the classic RP system where, you can get rep from just standing around or from completing certain missions, as well as everything in between. Yet, some players have urged Rockstar to make it different.

The idea comes from Redditor cryogenicToast1, who suggested that players should be able to Car Meet rep from Auto Shop contracts and Car Deliveries.

“Agreed, we fix cars for the community, I saw one of the cars at the meet. I need my props for my work,” added one fan. “I agree! Especially if people would prefer to grind contracts instead of racing or would like the opportunity to do both,” commented another.

This needs to be a thing. from gtaonline

Some fans suggested that it go one step and pretty much incorporated all car-related activities in GTA Online. “Impromptu races should also increase rep imo. They’re basically street races and pretty much fit into the whole car culture banner,” added PizzaParker98.

While the ideas make sense, Rockstar clearly want players to grind the new update until they have something else planned, and flooding out rep would see people hit max level before too long.

Changes could, of course, happen but we’ll have to wait and see.