GTA Online fan cosplays as ‘Crack Of Dawn’ artwork in swimming pool

David Purcell. Last updated: Jan 13, 2022
gta online lady with crack of dawn painting
Rockstar Games

GTA Online has lots of different artwork for people to look at in-game, but one player has tried to start her own trend by recreating the paintings in real-life – starting with one called ‘Crack of Dawn’. 

Cosplays of well-known characters are not new by any means, especially in the video game space. Tommy Vercetti, most notably, has become one of the most popular cosplays for fans to attempt since the release of GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition.

However, the idea of cosplaying artwork found within a game is certainly not as common. First, you need a game with a lot of paintings – Rockstar certainly ticks that box with its titles – and secondly, people determined enough to recreate them.

Well, it seems the Grand Theft Auto community now ticks both boxes.

GTA Online player cosplays as in-game artwork

gta online artwork
Rockstar Games
This cheeky GTA Online painting is called ‘Crack Of Dawn’.

On January 12, one Reddit user called leemadz revealed their take on the ‘Crack of Dawn’ painting from GTA 5.

For those who have never seen it before, it features a girl in a swimming pool, showing just her back.

If you look closely, instead of using a real Martini glass, the poster instead added the same GTA Online graphic to the corner. A nice touch to complete this recreation.

In the replies, one player said: “Some of the art in the game is legitimately good! I want to see more of this!”

Another commented in the thread, adding: “I wonder if any others are based on IRL pictures?”

Whether or not this will spark a new art-based cosplay trend in the Grand Theft Auto community remains to be seen.