GTA Online devs hint at plans for future DLCs & updates

Los Santos covered in snow with GTA Online logoRockstar Games

GTA Online has survived the test of time, and almost 10 years later, its developers are still eager to make more content.

As GTA 6 rumors intensify, Rockstar Games remains committed to GTA Online. The game launched in 2013 and has consistently performed well every year since. Updates don’t occur as frequently these days, but GTA Online usually receives new content for holidays, including Halloween and Christmas.

Community members have also remained loyal to the game, but their commitment faces a tough test. The developers are in an ongoing and messy battle with hackers, who discovered a way to kick players from games or even corrupt data, impacting the function of PCs.

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Rockstar has responded multiple times, consistently rolling out updates to resolve the issue. Going beyond bug fixes and eliminating hacking, the developers still have a few tricks up their sleeves for GTA Online’s final act.

GTA Online developers reaffirm commitment to future content

Group of GTA Online characters with guns running inside buildingRockstar Games
GTA Online still boasts an incredibly strong community years later.

GamesRadar interviewed Rockstar North design director Scott Butchard, and he opened up on what’s next for the storied franchise.

“Frankly, there are so many cool ideas and directions we can take, and it’s great to still surprise our players and give them something to be excited about,” says Butchard.

“It’s super important to us that players find new ways to connect with each other – whether through events we create or by us providing the tools for them to create their own moments. We’ve got a bunch of ideas in the works right now, all the way up until the Holidays at the end of the year, so please stay tuned!”

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Buthchard didn’t shed too much light on specifics for what the team has in mind, but GTA Online fans will be relieved to know more content is on the way.