GTA Online Dec 21 update: Data Contract, God Mode fix – full patch notes

David Purcell
gta online data contract
Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has pushed out a new GTA Online update on December 21, right before Christmas, and we’ve got the full patch notes. 

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series have had a lot to do this Holiday season, whether it be playing the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition, the free games available to redeem with the Trilogy, or even the Contract Update in GTA 5. 

Aside from the weekly updates on Thursdays, which usually shake up the Lucky Wheel rewards in the Diamond Casino, another patch has been rolled out to tackle a number of issues in-game.

Unlike the normal content cycle additions, this doesn’t have official patch notes, meaning data miners and leakers are the best sources of information in regards to what has changed.

On December 21, the popular leak account Tez2 posted a number of details.

GTA Online December 10 update: Patch notes

Rockstar Games
The Contract update went live in GTA Online on December 15 and brought with it a few bugs.

The background update comprises fixes and patches to specific problems players have been reporting.

The full patch notes are as follows:


  • Issues with Arcade Games & Trophies at Auto Shops
  • Quick Join issues with VIP Contracts & Short Trips
  • Inaccessible PC/Laptop bug after doing free-roam activities
  • The Data Contract remaining enemies bug


  • Remote Control Unit god mode
  • Radio Station Favorites are disabled during Short Trips
  • Fixes an issue with Short Trips payouts

This news comes just days after the GTA Online community heaped praise on Rockstar Games for targetting griefers in The Contract update.

They will be hoping that these latest changes go some way further to improving the quality of the missions, contracts, and arcade games – not to mention eliminating opportunities for people to exploit God mode.

The next update for GTA Online is scheduled to be December 23, and by then you can bet your bottom dollar that snow will be falling on the map.