GTA Online contract mission is giving out $600k and people are cashing in

Rockstar via IsuckAtDriving YT

People are coming across a huge payday in GTA Online that’s giving them upwards of $600k of in-game currency for a contract mission that takes them less than an hour to wrap up – and people are cashing in.

GTAO has tons of heists and missions to go on for players to earn cash. However, a lot of activities don’t always feel like the hassle or time was worth the pay out they give.

This has been a recurring annoyance for a lot of GTA Online veterans, who’ve been clamoring for more variety from Rockstar aside from the Cayo Perico heist that recently launched.

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GTA Online Union Depository Contract payout

With decent payouts seemingly hard to come by without investing a lot in the planning stages, the Union Depository Contract has been something of a relief for people lately.

Located in the contract board at the Auto Shop, if you have the Union Depository job listed then you can make a healthy sum without much trouble.

Reddit user ‘dazzathomas’ managed to get a $630k payout with the help of the x2 event – which means that even without the double pay, there’s still about $300k that can be quickly earned.

The poster explained how they completed the contract with two friends, both of whom received about $120k for their troubles, which contributed to the bigger payout.

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Rockstar via IsuckAtDriving YT
The Union Depository Contract from the Auto Shop board is giving a heft payout.

“Depending on the number of players you complete it with the payout will vary, for 3 people it totaled 315K and then the double money brings it to 630,” they said. “Others have said that they got 500k, 530K, 585K, and so on.”

Many agreed that for the money, this is a contract that’s not only easy to complete but ranks as one of the fastest ways to make money in GTA Online.

Going by other players’ accounts, even if you’re going to do it solo, then you can expect payouts in the $500k range – so it’s time to cash in.

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