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GTA Online community ask Rockstar to add “working headphones” in-game

Published: 28/Mar/2022 0:12

by André González Rodríguez


The GTA Online community is asking for Rockstar Games to implement “working headphones” so that they can listen to music on the go.

Known to be an integral part of the game, Grand Theft Auto V’s music choices never cease to amaze.

With a soundtrack consisting of a wide variety of radio stations that play different genres of music from reggae and hip hop to hardcore punk and pop, the seemingly everlasting music collection is a fan favorite.

That’s why the GTA Online community is asking for it to be available on the go, not just while in a vehicle.


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Rockstar Games
The only way to enjoy GTA V’s music is through the game’s radio system in various vehicles like cars and planes.

GTA Online community wants working headphones

Sometimes there’s nothing better than logging onto GTA V, getting in a car, and enjoying the game’s extensive music catalog. Being able to drive in a fictional version of Los Angeles can be exactly what you need. But what if you could take that music wherever you go?

First brought up by Reddit user ‘wealboi’ on the official GTA Online subreddit, the Redditor proposed the idea that Rockstar “should add working headphones/earbuds” to allow players to listen to the radio whenever they want.

This would make it so players wouldn’t be required to be in their cars to listen to the radio. Giving the ability to walk around Los Santos while jamming out to some sweet tunes if they so choose.


Rockstar should add working Headphones/Earbuds so that we can listen to the Radio whenever we want. from gtaonline


The idea was immediately liked by other players on the subreddit, with some of them iterating on the idea, bringing up how an aux cord or Bluetooth to play their own music would be even better.

“I still say they should have the option of playing your own music,” said one player. “Like you would with Bluetooth or the aux cord in your car.”

Having music on the go could add yet another layer in a game as immersive as GTA V. Only time will tell if Rockstar Games would be open to the idea.