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GTA Online Blimp rework would have players spending millions on it

Published: 5/Aug/2021 23:45

by Alan Bernal


An idea is floating around the GTA Online community of bringing gigantic, luxury blimps to Los Santos, which would give people an entirely new way of passing the time in the game.

As it stands, blimps aren’t the most exciting thing in GTAO. Buying one should set you back about $1.2 mil or so, and you only have a few variants to mix up the look.

While that’s fine, some people think that there’s a missed opportunity here for luxury living, seeing as people can explore the depths of the waters in style or function with the yacht and submarines.


This gave user ‘GorgonAintThatBad’ an idea for Rockstar to expand its airbus selection with luxury blimps that could be, sort of, like a hub in the sky – and a much cooler way of navigating the GTA Online playground.

I’m surprised there isn’t a gigantic luxury blimp in gtaonline that functions like a yacht or a submarine. We need the Hindenburg 2.0! from gtaonline

While someone noted that a ‘rigid airship’ might be the more appropriate term, the features of this thing would be unlike anything GTA players have tried out so far.

The user posted an image of a concept ship by ‘Dassault,’ which is pretty intricate in its own right. While the concept shows a ship with two lavish pools where dozens of people can gather with loads of carrying space underneath, something more streamlined could work for GTAO.


People were already thinking of the kinds of heists or missions that would take place on an evil mastermind’s airship like this.

But more than anything, GTA Online players would want to get one for themselves. Given the prices we see for the fastest supercars already, GTAO players are already thinking up how expensive something like this would be.

Rockstar Games
People can cruise the waters in style. And now GTA Online players think the same can happen but in the air.

“Would be priced at 12,000,000 (base price). Would cost a further 12,000,000 for a full upgrade. Would cost 50,000 to move it from place to place. Would cost 25,000 per day in maintenance costs. Would be an absolute waste of money. Would probably still buy it as well tbh,” user Qwertyuiop4325 joked.


Even more so, this could be a safe haven for people trying to get away from Oppressor MK2 trolls that have been plaguing the airspace.

Regardless, there’s plenty of potential here with luxurious airshiops in GTA Online, and here’s hoping Rockstar actually moves on something like that.