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GTA Online ban wave rumors spread following Los Santos Tuners update

Published: 22/Jul/2021 23:30

by Alan Bernal


The GTA Online community has been cautious of a potential ban wave from Rockstar as rumors spread following the recently released Los Santos Tuners update.

Rockstar have introduced the next digital instalment of their racing-inspired summer content haul, and there’s plenty of content for GTA players to explore. But with the newly implemented changes, there’s been word of a possible ban wave coming to the game.

Rumors have been spreading as more TikTok videos are going up with players ‘preparing’ for what they believe to be an imminent purge of players who’ve either used glitches or exploits in the past.


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There’s plenty of people making highlight videos or clips that show them reminiscing before the alleged ‘ban wave.’ “Saying goodbye to my GTA account before tomorrow’s ban wave,” one video says.

So far there hasn’t been any word from Rockstar about cleaning up their servers from potential cheaters, exploiters, etc. While there’s many instances of players getting punished for abusing cheats and the like, it’s unknown why a ban wave is expected in the first place.

Still, that didn’t stop people from talking about the alleged ban wave as if it were happening, leading some people to either worry or look forward to the event.


Rockstar Games
People have been suspicious of a new GTA Online ban wave since the Los Santos Tuners update.

The GTA devs have famously implemented ban waves in the past. Last year, hackers abusing a God-mode toggle and money making cheat were ousted from the servers.

Earlier that year, even if someone exploited a money-making glitch, the user’s account was simply wiped instead of being banned.

In either case, GTA Online players are still looking out for a potential ban wave, though no signs have appeared as of yet.