GTA Online Alien War: players disappointed by “overhyped” final fight


GTA Online’s crazy green vs purple Alien war was meant to reach an epic conclusion on May 15, yet, players were left frustrated by fewer people turning up than planned as well as some not bothering to follow the rules. 

For a few weeks, the virtual streets of Los Santos had become a playground for GTA Online players who have pleaded their allegiances in the Alien war. Players had been donning green and purple alien suits, teaming up with friends and random players while fighting the other side.

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The player-led story has led to some hilarious moments across GTA Online, however, it couldn’t go on forever. So, the two sides decided to call an end to the bloodshed with one epic final battle centered around Los Santos International Airport.

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Rockstar Games
The Alien war had been raging for a month inside GTA Online.

While the all-out war was supposed to reach an epic conclusion on Saturday, May 15 at 8 PM EDT (1 AM BST/5 PM PDT/2 AM CET) players were left disappointed after bouncing from lobby to lobby in the hopes of finding a fight.

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While many players were able to get involved with a braw of some kind at the airport, it wasn’t exactly the blockbuster finish that everyone had been expecting. 

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Some players reported that they were able to have a crazy fight, though, it didn’t exactly carry on the melee weapons-only rule that had been implemented at the start of the craze.

Reddit user InsecureTurdPilot noted that their fight started out as melee-only until players started bringing out the heavy machinery in the form of vehicles with weapons attached. Others complained that with Rockstar giving away the alien suits for free killed part of the hype for the fights.

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Now, with this being a player-led event, problems probably should have been expected from the start – especially getting everyone organized across numerous lobbies and platforms. 

What players will decide to do in place of the alien war, however, remains to be seen. Rockstar are rumored to be launching their popular Cops N Crooks mode in the future, and that could lead to even more hijinx.

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