GTA Online 1.42 update: Full patch notes

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The continued support for GTA Online is in full effect with the new 1.42 update, and we have patch notes for the GTA update detailing which platforms it’s on and what it does.

Even though GTA 6 is in the works and fans are growing impatient for more information on Rockstar’s next humongous sandbox adventure, GTA 5’s Online mode is still as popular as ever it seems.

Rockstar are fully aware of this as they keep releasing patches and fixes to keep the game fresh with weekly content updates and overall maintenance to fix bugs. The recent 1.41 update was a perfect example of this with 1.42 being another step towards making GTA Online the best it can be.

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A few improvements to help your game should be a nice help.

When does GTA Online’s 1.42 update release?

The 1.42 update for GTA Online was made available on May 17, 2022, and players should be able to hop into the game and get it downloaded.

It seems the update is only for players on PS4, Xbox, and PC, so PS5 and Xbox Series X|S users with the Enhanced edition don’t need to be concerned with this update.

What’s in the GTA Online 1.42 update? Patch notes

According to updatecrazy, these are the patch notes in the 1.42 GTA Online update so far:

Game Stability and Performance

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  • Addressed several crashes.


  • Addressed a bug where players’ weapons disappear in the Shooting Range.


  • Addressed a black screen issue.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players progress not saving in GTA Online

Matchmaking & Networking

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Story Mode to GTA Online transition to take a prolonged amount of time

Game Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players getting stuck on the Rockstar logo screen when booting the game
  • Added some UI and Option changes.
  • Added gameplay optimizations.
  • Fixed game freezing issues.
  • Added fixes for various game crashing issues.
  • Added general stability fixes.
  • Addressed some glitches.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
michale running from explosion in gta onlineRockstar Games
300MB should be a piece of cake!

How big is the GTA Online 1.42 update?

Given that this is only a minor update to address a number of bugs and small issues, the patch it thought to weigh in at around 300MB.

Needless to say, even if your internet isn’t the fastest, it should be downloaded fairly quickly and you’ll be able to jump back into Los Santos before you know it.

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