GTA fans are convinced shroud is secretly playing on NoPixel server

Shroud YouTube GTA 5 Car Blended With LogoRockstar Games / YouTube: Shroudy Rowdy

The NoPixel RP server has been a hotbed of Twitch content in 2021, and some perceptive viewers believe they’ve discovered evidence that shroud has been secretly participating in the GTA V shenanigans.

More than seven years after its release in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V remains an extremely popular game for both casual players and content creators. The open-world sandbox title has kept its popular status on Twitch and YouTube in large part due to RP (roleplay) servers.

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Roleplaying in GTA allows streamers to create any kind of content imaginable, and entire Twitch communities have been formed around this concept. NoPixel is the largest GTA V RP server, with dozens of roles for players to take on and limitless opportunities for content creation.

The server exploded in popularity when many big-name content creators picked it up after the NoPixel 3.0 update. While streamers like xQc and Forsen — among dozens of others — have been streaming their NoPixel gameplay for weeks, some viewers on Twitch believe that shroud is also active on the server, but is playing in secret.

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Penta Twitch GTA 5 NoPixel RP Shroud CarTwitch / PENTA
Some sharp-eared Twitch viewers believe they overheard an undercover shroud on the NoPixel RP server.

While streaming his NoPixel gameplay on February 19, content creator PENTA bumped into two other characters in a nearby car. Roleplaying as a police officer, the streamer asked the driver of the vehicle “Where’d you steal that car?” to which the character responded, “I stole nothing, sir.”

Immediately after the second player started talking, PENTA’s Twitch chat exploded as his viewers pointed out the other player sounded like shroud. Dozens of chats flew by as people speculated whether or not the character really was the Canadian streamer or just someone who sounded similar.

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After a minute-long conversation, the clip ended as more comments flooded in from viewers who believed this person really was the streamer in disguise. Everyone in PENTA’s chat seemed to believe the other player was shroud, with one user saying “it can’t not be him.”

The clip also made the rounds on Reddit, and some perceptive members of the GTA community mapped out the timeline involving shroud and the NoPixel server. One player pointed out that “Shroud made his character on the 4th day or so on stream and never played again, and Esfand brought back Cletus the 5th or 6th day so probably [it was him].”

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Another Redditor mentioned that shroud told his community he didn’t want to stream any NoPixel gameplay in order to avoid other players focusing too much on him, which could explain why the powerhouse creator may have chosen to hop on the server off-stream.

While shroud wasn’t streaming GTA V at the time, the voice from PENTA’s clip certainly sounded like the popular streamer. There’s no way to know for sure whether or not the player was really shroud, but perhaps fans could see him make an official return to the NoPixel sever at some point in the future.

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