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GTA Diamond Casino heist: What are the chances of getting diamonds?

Published: 26/Mar/2020 0:35 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 11:05

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games have been mixing up the rewards for the GTA Diamond Casino heist, but what are your chances of actually getting diamonds, gold, artwork and cash in the mission? 

As GTA Online players will be aware, Grand Theft Auto heists have a lot of planning and setup before you actually get to the final phase. Completing each of these can take time and let’s face it, what people are interested in when opening up the vault is what they will find inside.

There is a possibility that diamonds, for example, are rotated out of the rewards from time to time, as the loot is ever-changing. So, let’s take a look at the latest reward spawn probability, as of March 25.


Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
The GTA Casino heist is one of the most lucrative in-game, when diamonds are available to grab in the rewards.

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In the past, there have been times where Rockstar have guaranteed that players who have never completed the heist before will stumble across diamonds for their first time, although that only covers one payout and we’re well aware that members of the community will be looking to reap the rewards of the GTA Casino heist more than that.

If you don’t run into an ongoing issue that locks players inside the vault, unable to steal the loot in the Diamond Casino heist, then here are the reward spawn rates – according to Rockstar leaker TezFunz2.

GTA Diamond Casino heist rewards

GTA Casino heist artwork
Rockstar Games
You can also find expensive artwork in the GTA Diamond Casino heist, which will boost your team’s takings.

Here you can see each of the rewards and the chances, using percentages, that they will appear in the vault when you crack it open.


As for remaining percentages, the leaker says that’s because these are estimates that could tilt just higher or lower than each figure. Do have in mind that these stats are only relevant for when diamonds are available as part of the GTA Diamond Casino heist – which isn’t always the case.

  • Cash (~37%)
  • Artwork (~28%)
  • Gold (~18%)
  • Diamonds (~15%)

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How much is the GTA Diamond Casino heist worth?

Without diamonds activated in the game, the GTA Diamond Casino heist can be worth up to $2.1 million, which will obviously be split between each player that takes part in the heist. It’s worth noting, however, that those total takings can be difficult to take in-full.


You will have to hack vault doors to access the max takings, not to mention avoid getting shot during the escape. Damage taken with the loot in-hand will reduce the amount, so watch out for that. Lester will also request around $60k for his cut.

With diamonds included, the potential value of the mission does spike – hence so many players being interested. Therefore, when diamonds are found, the heist could be worth up to 50% more than usual (approximately $3 million).

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Easiest way of completing the GTA Diamond Casino heist

GTA Casino heist vault
Rockstar Games
Getting to the vault frequently while diamonds are available is key to finding them. So, what’s the easiest way to complete the Casino heist?

There are three ways of tackling the GTA Diamond Casino heist, and those are: Aggressive, Silent and the Big Con.


The first is definitely the most, well, aggressive to say the least. It requires your team to gun their way through the Casino security in order to make it in and out of the vault, blowing it open with thermal charges. The second, Silent, is probably the trickiest of the three, as the group of players will have to sneakily get all the way through the Casino with just a pistol.

Lastly, and probably the easiest to complete, is the Big Con. For this one, you simply pick a disguise and sneak right the way through, drill open the vault, and get out of there with as little contact with enemies as possible – although there will be a lot of police waiting outside for your escape.


So, there you have it! You now know how often diamonds will appear inside the GTA Diamond Casino vault, how much the entire thing could be worth, and the easiest method to get them. Hopefully, you will bag some diamonds in no time.