GTA 6 ‘trailer’ debunked after racking up views and being deleted off YouTube

gta 6 water leakRockstar Games

A GTA 6 ‘trailer’ has been debunked after it appeared on YouTube and social media, with hoaxsters claiming it was uploaded by Rockstar North. 

As Rockstar Games have continued to keep their cards firmly close to their chest regarding GTA 6, fans of the iconic sandbox-action franchise have been left to build their own hype. 

Some have gone about it in pretty reasonable ways, taking the numerous leaks we’ve already seen and trying to construct maps based on that information. Others have gone a bit too far though, trying to dupe fans into believing something is coming from Rockstar when it isn’t. 

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We’ve seen this a few times with supposed announcements and trailers, but a brand-new one has been debunked after it become pretty widespread on YouTube and social media. 

GTA 6 trailer isn’t real but it’s becoming widespread

If you’ve been on YouTube in the last few days then you may have received a supposed ‘trailer’ for GTA 6 playing as an advert before your video. 

The clip, like others, is designed to look genuine and eye-catching, mixing in moments from a modded version of GTA IV to show off the supposed graphics. It’s even interspersed with brief clips from real life, just to really try and sell the whole thing. 

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It is an obviously fake trailer, but if you need any other further reasons to not believe it, well, its uploaded by ‘Rockstar North’ and has a blurry version of the studio’s actual logo as a profile photo. It’s hardly professional. 

A number of GTA fans noted that they’d seen the clip before it was pulled down, and it had reached around 300k views. So, someone had clearly gone through a lot of effort to spread it around. 

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At the end of the day, when it comes time to reveal GTA 6, Rockstar will make a big song and dance about it. You won’t be able to miss it, really.

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