GTA 6 leaker claims to reveal potential release date, Vice City setting & story details

GTA Online characters sat around a poolRockstar Games

A supposed new GTA 6 leak has claimed to reveal the game’s release date, as well as a few other things like changes to GTA Online and even a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption. 

There are plenty of highly anticipated games that fans are waiting to get their hands on, but there’s no doubt that GTA 6 stands above them all as the most sought after game yet to be released. 

Rockstar Games have stayed ultra-silent on what they’ve got planned, leaking supposed leakers and insiders to reveal a whole load of details. 

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They all seem to be pointing in a similar direction – Vice City – with differences coming surrounding the main characters, what the story will be, and most importantly, when the game will be released.

Rockstar Games
There have been a tonne of leaks surrounding GTA 6.

Some fans, and leaks, still believe that the game will be revealed and released before 2021 comes to a close. Though, Rockstar is working on updating GTA 5 before the end of the year and that might hinder things. 

Though the newest leak, which comes via an anonymous Ask Me Anything from a supposed insider claims that the game will be released in October 2023. 

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That would make it over 10 years between the first release of GTA 5 and GTA 6’s arrival, but it does make sense. Rockstar will need time to work with the new consoles, and having two or three years will help elevate the game to make it truly next-gen.

On top of that, the supposed leaker claims that Vice City will be the destination, but that GTA 5 will be worked into the story with mentions of things that happened. 

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Apparently, GTA Online is set to be a more “grounded” experience than what fans have gotten used to with GTA 5, doing away with the flying cars, bikes, and wild items currently available. There’s also meant to be a re-release of Red Dead Redemption before GTA 6 launches. 

Obviously, while a lot of it sounds plausible, GTA 6 leaks do have to be taken with a massive pinch of salt. Actual Rockstar insiders have repeatedly said that the game is not close to being announced yet, but fans will always live in hope.

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