GTA 6 leaker claims to reveal more locations & map details

GTA character piloting a boat holding a gun and a bag of moneyRockstar Games

A GTA 6 leaker has claimed to reveal some more details about where Rockstar Games are taking the iconic franchise with a few interesting tidbits about the map.

After years of silence, Rockstar Games have finally started being a little bit more open with talk surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 – as they’ve confirmed it’s in development and they’re aware of the expectations surrounding it.

To this point, the iconic game developers have not yet confirmed where the next installment in the sandbox will be set, but all signs appear to point to Vice City – potentially in a more modern setting than players have visited previously.

One recent report suggested that the game, which is set to have two lead characters – one male and one female – will also have other cities that make up part of the map in future updates. And now, one leaker has claimed to reveal a few more details on that front.

GTA 6 could be headed to the Caribbean

Following on from the details reported by Axios, Matheusvictorbr – who has dropped a few hints about different Rockstar projects – claimed that the Caribbean will play a role in GTA 6.

“Some are asking what the land dimension of the map of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title will look like,” the supposed insider tweeted.

“As far as I know at the moment, the map is as big as the one in RDRII, I’ve heard that Caribbean islands will be included, but not in the open world itself.”

The supposed leaker also claimed that Liberty City could be the next setting for GTA Online but that it is “very raw” when it comes to development.

As with pretty much ever GTA 6 leak, these tidbits are best taken with a pinch of salt until Rockstar says something themselves, but it does tie into previous reports.