GTA 6 leaker claims Rockstar is aiming for “photorealism” in highly anticipated sequel

GTA 5 gameplay with GTA 6 logoRockstar Games

A prominent GTA 6 leaker has shared a claim from a supposed ex-Rockstar Games developer, implying that the studio is striving for “photorealism” in its ambitious open-world sequel.

Since confirmation of GTA 6’s existence in February, Rockstar has been back to its typically quiet ways. Beyond an offhanded comment from publisher Take-Two during the latest earnings call, with claims the next entry is “determined to set creative benchmarks for the series, industry, and entertainment,” nothing much has been said on record about the project.

However, that hasn’t stopped a wide range of leaks from surfacing online. Be it in-depth reports from industry insider Jason Schreier to more subtle details appearing in various job listings, fans have heard a great deal on what the next GTA might look like.

Falling in line with the latter, a new claim from popular Rockstar leaker Tez2 has seemingly revealed the ambition of Rockstar in terms of visual fidelity in GTA 6.

“An ex Rockstar dev mentioned to a friend that [GTA 6] will be very much into photorealism,” Tez2 shared in a recent post on the GTA forums. As for the veracity of this claim, there’s no telling. While this insider has leaked a wide range of intel in the past, it’s still worth taking any new statement with a grain of salt for the time being.

Admittedly an “obvious” claim from the supposed developer, it nonetheless implies Rockstar is looking to raise the bar once again. Outside of a large-scale map, new gameplay features, and storyline with multiple playable characters, it appears devs are also eager to set a new standard in terms of graphics.

This could point towards new and improved ray tracing capabilities, higher fidelity textures and assets throughout, and possibly new innovations too.

While it remains unclear just when we might see GTA 6 in motion, this comment indicates it’ll be among the best-looking open-world games to date. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out in the months and potentially years ahead before it arrives.