GTA 6 “leaked” Vice City map size compared to GTA V’s Los Santos

GTA 5 Los Santos and GTA 5 Airport with GTA 6 logoRockstar

A leaked Vice City map, potentially the setting for Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, has been compared to Los Santos from GTA V to give fans an idea of size and scale. 

Grand Theft Auto 6, despite not yet being confirmed by Rockstar, is one of the most anticipated video games of all time. Leaks and rumors continue to circle around a sixth installment in the epic crime series.

To that effect, fan excitement spiraled on May 10 when a ‘leaked’ map that looks inspired by Vice City resurfaced again. Originally appearing in 2018, the satellite-like image had doubt cast upon it due to its lack of detail. However, it has now reappeared with considerably more detail, leading to a resurgence in fan excitement again.

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The map looks fairly conventional at a glance, with a small island seemingly bordering the main landmass off the southeast coast.

Fans have now taken their curiosity to the next level, comparing the ‘leaked’ map to GTA V’s Los Santos.

In terms of size, there’s not much between the two but the map thought to be from GTA 6 is definitely slightly smaller. This will be disappointing to some fans if it does turn out to be the case but, given Rockstar’s impeccable track record, we can expect a highly realised world whatever size the map is.

The comparisons, uploaded to Reddit by u/Blue_Grapefruit also provide size comparisons of certain POIs, like Airport and Military Base.

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Despite the comparisons, it’s worth remembering that the leaked map is not confirmed, and won’t be until Rockstar give us a first look at what they’re making – even then, the full map likely wouldn’t be revealed until the game is actually released. In short, don’t expect anything soon.

There is precedence, though. Rockstar’s acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 saw its map leaked well ahead of time, receiving a similarly skeptical response from the community.

Whatever size the map is, Rockstar haven’t let us down yet.