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GTA 6 will reportedly NOT be set in the 80s as leak claims

Published: 2/Jul/2019 14:56 Updated: 2/Jul/2019 15:56

by Paul Cot


A recent GTA 6 leak surfaced detailing lots of information about the yet to be announced title. One noteworthy figure in the gaming industry has come out and outright said it’s fake, though.

Renowned news editor at Kotaku, Jason Schreier, while linking the GTA leak in question said: “A good rule of thumb is that if a video game leak is a giant list of incredible-sounding bullet points, it’s fake.”


Now, that’s a pretty damning assessment. The leak revealed supposed details including:

  • Set in Vice City and a new fictional city based on Rio de Janeiro
  • Only one playable protagonist – male, not female
  • Set in the 1970s/80s
  • Storyline and character details
  • Weather being a heavy focus
  • Buildings and cars change through eras – suggesting the map may change based on the era
  • Next gen only
  • Another Rockstar title (Bully 2) to come out before GTA 6

Is it or isn’t it fake?

Whether the leak is incorrect remains to be seen but Schreier is absolutely correct when he calls the leak a giant list of incredible sounding bullet points. If the leak is true it has revealed the bulk of what GTA 6 will encapsulate.


The leaker himself, “JackOLantern1982” responded to Schreier’s claims that the leak was fake, simply replying: “Yeah, no it isn’t.” Other comments suggested a supposed Linkedin profile was faked by JackOlantern1982.

The hype for GTA 6 is going to get bigger and bigger…

What’s extra interesting though, is that Schreier seems absolutely certain the leak is fake. The leaker claimed: “I have two friends who are very reliable and have worked for places such as Kotaku and PC Gamer.” This could be the reason Schreier is so sure the leak is fake but it would be possible for someone working at Kotaku to know something and not have shared it.

His certainty almost makes it seem like he knows something about the game already, possibly through an inside source, therefore knowing that this particular leak is fake.


RealityDesignsGTA 6 map concept…

Exciting time for Grand Theft Auto

If this is the case it would add credence to another, earlier, GTA leak as Schreier didn’t denounce that one. That leak stated the game would be based across America with infamous GTA locations making up the cities. If true this could only result in Grand Theft Auto 6 being incredibly ground-breaking.

There have been a lot of GTA leaks making the rounds in 2019 so it’s getting hard to keep track of what seems legitimate and what doesn’t.

What we can be sure on though is that Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming and an announcement is a when not an if.


Rockstar finally address major GTA Online car duplication exploit

Published: 10/Oct/2020 15:20

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games have dropped another background update for GTA Online, with this one dealing with the Mobile Operations Centre duplication exploit. 

There are plenty of ways to play Grand Theft Auto Online, and while many players are all about grinding, there are many others who look for a shortcut so that they can get cash quickly. 


We’ve seen this previously with glitched jobs, being able to cash ridiculous amounts of casino chips for cash, and finding a workaround for the cooldown on selling cars at the Los Santos Customs mod shops. 

In recent weeks, players have found a way to duplicate cars using the Mobile Operations Centre. This means that they can reproduce unlimited numbers of cars and then sell them on to make cash. 

A mobile operations centre in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The Mobile Operations Centre has been the key to some big exploits in GTA Online.

However, Rockstar Games have now released a background update that has patched the workaround that players had been using for the duplication glitch.

Rockstar insider TezFun revealed this on October 8, noting that it wasn’t the only thing that the GTA Online developers had added to the multiplayer side of GTA V with this small hotfix. 

TezFun noted that they’d also added a fix to address some issues with Business Battles. Numerous issues had been cropping up in sessions where, as a player was on a mission, if a Business Battle started, they’d be unable to complete the other job. 


With this hotfix coming as a part of a background update, you don’t have to worry about a big download before jumping back into Los Santos. It happens on the server side of things, so there’s nothing to download.

As Rockstar continues to build towards GTA Online’s big winter update, the game should receive a handful of other updates in the meantime. Though, it remains to be seen if they’ll be issuing any punishments for players who abused the now-patched duplication glitch.