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GTA 6 is finally adding a new US city according to insider

Published: 4/Apr/2022 20:19

by Michael Gwilliam


Grand Theft Auto 6 could finally introduce a brand new US city to the mix, according to a well-known leaker.

Not much is officially known about the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise aside from the fact Rockstar confirmed development is “well underway” earlier in 2022.

While plenty of rumors and even possible teasers have pointed to a return to Vice City, a leaker is claiming that there will be plenty of cities for players to experience in the next game.

As always, take these claims with a grain of salt, but if these leaks are correct, GTA 6 could be giving players a lot more areas to explore than anyone imagined.


GTA 6 might introduce Chicago

GTA’s world features multiple takes on known US cities. Liberty City is a stand-in for New York, Vice City is Rockstar’s version of Miami and San Andreas is all of California with Los Santos being LA.

Now, it seems like Chicago is going to be added to the mix. According to insider Matheusbr9895, he’s “80% confident” that GTA 6 will see some new locations.

“The Rockstar Games team really liked the result that Brazil brought to Max Payne 3,” he wrote. “After that, the team planned that the prologue of the next GTA would possibly take place in Brazil, In 2003 – with the murder of the protagonists’ parents, killed by rival cartels.”


Aside from this piece of story information, he also claimed that GTA 6 will introduce Carcer City as a new location alongside Cuba and the long-awaited return to Vice City.

Carcer City has been featured in Rockstar titles before. Notably, it’s the setting for Manhunt and serves as a combination of Detroit, New Jersey, St Louis and Chicago. It’s also been referenced in multiple GTA games, although players could never visit the location themselves.

This isn’t the first time leaks have claimed Carcer City and South American countries will be in GTA 6 either. Onion00048 claimed that Vice City, Liberty City, Rio de Janeiro and Havana, would be present in addition to “a Chicago parody.”


We’ll have to wait and see if these leaks end up being accurate, but it seems like GTA 6 is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of all time.