GTA 6 fans predict big Donald Trump influence on next game

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donald trump in gta 6
Rockstar / YouTube: Acepilot2k7

Rockstar Games are still yet to officially announce Grand Theft Auto 6 with a teaser or trailer, leaving big question marks around characters, plot, and locations. Well, in the meantime, GTA fans have predicted Donald Trump could have an influence on the story. 

The existence of a new Grand Theft Auto title has been leaked, confirmed with an official tweet, and then details have spilled onto some developers’ LinkedIn pages in recent months.

However, many fans are none the wiser about not just when it’s expected to launch, but also what it is going to be about.

There is a strong possibility that fan-favorite characters will make their triumphant return. As many have been reminiscing about the good old days with The Trilogy: Definitive Edition (when it’s not bugging out), there’s one guy in GTA: Vice City that people are expecting to see again soon.

That guy, well, is Donald Love.

donald love gta trilogy
Rockstar games
Donald Love reappeared on our screens during the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition.

GTA 6: Players think Donald Love is coming back

For those who don’t know already, Donald Love was a main character in GTA 3 and reappeared in Vice City and Liberty City Stories. As the owner of Love Media, he’s a billionaire who once ran for Liberty City mayor.

Over the years, there have been many connections made between Love and the owner of The Trump Organization, former United States President, Donald Trump.

While writers have never confirmed the influence of their character, fans are wondering if the rise of Trump in politics could also influence Love, should he return in GTA 6. Imagine he put together a political run of his own…

The idea of seeing Love return in Grand Theft Auto 6 seems to be a popular one, with some fans theorizing he might even be the President by then.

In a Reddit post, one fan said: “Imagine if he’s president in GTA 6.” Another commented: “That would be hilarious!”

GTA 6 is yet to be given an official release date, despite members of the community wanting to find out more about the next installment. Whether or not Donald will play a part in the upcoming title remains to be seen – but if it did happen, it could be yuge.

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